Hi!  I’m Rachel.  Thanks for visiting my blog!  Here you’ll find a snapshot of my life.  I was raised in New Orleans and Houston, and I adore all things southern, farmhouse, and vintage.  Cooking, baking, and DIY home design are my passions, as are my friends and family.  I married my precious husband, Daryl, in June of 2011, and ever since we’ve been hard at work building a Jesus-centered marriage and home that we recently welcomed two babies into.  Jacob Eric was born on February 15, 2015 and Ella Grace was born on July 13, 2016. Our sweet son and daughter have taught us both so much about joy, thankfulness, and the immeasurable love of our heavenly Father. This blog is my way of sharing my heart as I do my best to be the wife and mommy God has called me to be.  Lately, His grace and mercy have permeated my thoughts, and I’m captivated by the opportunities He’s giving me to share my many blessings.  Every day is a chance for me to love better, forgive better, and give more of myself away.  Slowly but surely, I’m learning to live my life as a beautiful offering.



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