grace for the moment


Sometimes life is hard.  The trials, the pain, the losses, and the heartaches.  We’ve gone through a number of challenges lately, and it’s so easy to give in to the doubt and the uncertainty.  At the end of a particularly long and difficult month, I sat on the couch with my Bible.  It was my Friday off, and it was early in the morning.  The sun was just starting to peek through the trees, I had a steaming cup of vanilla coffee next to me, and everything was blissfully silent in our little cul-de-sac.  As I sat and considered the stressful events that we’ve dealt with lately, God reminded me how small my problems really are in comparison to His greatness.  Image

The thing is, we have a God who is far greater than the challenges we face in this life.  He is more than able to lead us through everything the world throws at us.  He has overcome the world.  And He puts us right where we need to be, even if it doesn’t seem like it.  What finally occurred to me as I sat on the couch paging through my Bible on that Friday morning was this – God has a purpose for my problems.  Maybe what I see as a “problem” is something He is using to fine-tune my faith. Maybe He is using these struggles to prepare me for what is ahead.  Maybe He knows, in His sovereignty, that Daryl and I will face much more difficult challenges in the years ahead.  If that is His will for us, so be it.  Because the beauty of it is that He goes before us.  Deuteronomy 31:8 says “God will go before you.  He will be with you and won’t forsake you.  Don’t be afraid.”  How’s that for a promise?  The God of the universe, the One who spoke the world into existence, who fashioned and formed us, who stretched out the heavens, is with us.  And it’s not because He has to be.  It’s because He wants to be.  It’s because He loves us.  Isaiah 54:10 says “Though the mountains be moved and the hills be shaken, my unfailing love for you will not be removed.”  Unfailing, unending, unconditional love…regardless of your circumstances.  When life feels like a roaring sea, His love never changes.  His grace abounds in hardship.


Though we don’t know what is ahead, we can trust in the greatness of our God.  What we see as a problem, God may see as a blessing.  We don’t know why we face what we face.  We can’t explain why we’ve had to deal with the emotionally and physically draining events of this semester.  But we do know this – our God is greater.  And His grace does abound in the deepest of waters.  If we never had to face hardships, we wouldn’t ever get to see the magnificence of God’s hand and the redemptive, protective, sustaining love He has for us.   You can make it through anything in life holding on to the hand of the One who gave up His life for yours.  






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