tune my heart

Tune My Heart

The same phrase has been resonating in my head the past few weeks – “tune my heart to sing Thy grace.”  Though this phrase from the hymn “Come Thou Fount” was composed in the 1700’s, I can’t help but be amazed by its poignancy.  I was at work, and it had been a hectic day by the time I heard the song on the radio.  Something about it made me stop what I was doing and consider what it means to sing God’s grace.  Singing God’s grace means I need to be selfless, because His grace is selfless.  Singing His grace means that I need to show unconditional love to other people because his grace is unconditional. His grace means that I need to forgive because a sinless Savior died in my place.  It means that I need to move beyond my own preconceptions and see people through eyes of mercy.  In quiet moments and in crazy ones, I find myself praying “Lord, tune my heart.”  When I’m tempted to give in to frustration, doubt, or selfishness, I remind myself of my prayer – “tune my heart.”  It’s incredible how a simple prayer can be so life-changing.  I’m reminded of the grand piano in the foyer of my childhood home.  My sister and I practiced for years on those ivory keys, and I have the most beautiful memories of my mother playing Christmas songs in the evenings.  I remember, when I was young, that one day she said we weren’t going to have our piano lessons that week because the piano needed to be tuned.  She said that until it was tuned, the notes would sound dull and off-key.  It took me many years, but now I understand.  Our hearts need to be tuned, too.  Without the constant presence of God and His hand shaping and molding our hearts to become more obedient to His extravagant plans, we are like piano keys that are pretty to look at but cannot produce the breathtaking sound we are capable of.  So now I pray daily that God will tune my heart to sing His grace regardless of my circumstances.  By grace we were saved, and His grace is sufficient.

His Grace is Sufficient


2 thoughts on “tune my heart

  1. I love your blog! “Tune my heart” is such a great illustration of His great will and calling for our lives. If only His earthly choir would sing His praise louder each and every day.

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